Dan Waite: President.

Josh Goding: Expert mechanic; he can build or fix anything. Josh is an avid outdoorsman.   He's loyal, he has integrity, he's kind, and he's hard working. These are just a few words to describe his character. I picked Josh as my Vice President because he is not afraid to tell it how it is. Josh selflessly gives Reboot a hand whenever we need one.

Nicole Waite: Brains, beauty, and enforcer. She's amazing.  She works full time, and she is non-stop with family and ReBoot when she's home. I appreciate everything she does; her heart is huge and her patience unmatched. 

Operation ReBoot Outdoors Board Members & Staff

Mike Capponi: A very intelligent  motivated soldier.  He has integrity selflessness, duty and honor. He is a National Guard full time recruiter and spends a lot of his free time helping ReBoot. His fishing skills and knowledge on the hard water and open water are above his years. Mike runs everywhere literally, his motivation is contagious and that makes me want him on my team.

Jake Beland: This guy knows his way around the woods and water like no other. I can ask Jake any question, and he has an answer 99% of the time, and it's correct. He's just one of those guys you like.  He is honest, sincere, and selfless. I am proud to have this intelligent outdoorsman on my team. 

Abe Bradeen: This guy right here has a heart as big as his head! This is the guy you want to be in the woods and on the water with.  He's old school! His knowledge and experience is second to none.  He cares with everything he has. Polar bear will have your back no matter what and will help anyone who needs it.  He's selfless, and this is why he's on my team.

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